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Better Manage Your Packaging Materials

At Ace Packaging Solutions, we offer custom inventory programs to help you better manage your packaging material inventory needs. This program provides customer-specific solutions catered to the unique needs of your business. Our team is firmly committed to building a collaborative relationship with you that will elevate the success of your business. Our custom inventory program is one of the many ways in which we leverage this collaboration to provide additional benefits that will more closely meet your needs.


How Does a Custom Inventory Program Work?

A custom inventory program can work in a few different ways. The ultimate purpose is to allow your business to take in what you need when you need it. This may involve:

  • Allowing your business to take advantage of higher volume pricing without having to take in all the units at once
  • Enabling you to meet higher minimum order quantities (MOQs) on custom products when you lack the physical space to store it all at once
  • Providing next day delivery on special order items that have longer or inconsistent lead times
  • Ensuring you can keep high usage items in stock when lead times from the supplier may be inconsistent
  • Providing vendor-managed inventory programs

Why Do I Need a Custom Inventory Program?

Creating a custom inventory program may be an ideal solution for your business if you experience:

  • Lack of space
  • Improve your cashflow
  • Just In Time flexible stocking programs

Custom Inventory Program Benefits

You can experience a variety of benefits from creating a custom inventory program, including:

  • Free up space in your inventory storage
  • Reduce lead times and shorten time between order and delivery
  • Better volume discounts on custom run products
  • Greater visibility into actual usage to ensure you’re always in stock

With a custom inventory program, you’ll have peace of mind that your operation is unlikely to get shut down because you don’t have the packaging materials you need when you need them.

Important Considerations When Choosing a Custom Inventory Program Provider

While there are many benefits to creating a custom inventory program, it’s important to work with a partner who will be able to deliver a program that addresses your specific needs. Make sure to evaluate the following criteria when choosing a custom inventory program provider like Ace Packaging Solutions:

  • Ability of the vendor to keep your inventory in stock
  • Cleanliness and organization of the facility where the product is being held
  • Costs associated with the custom inventory program
  • Contract terms for holding your merchandise
  • Contract length for your program
  • Geographical location of the storage facility (ideally, it should be close to your facility)
  • Ability to get next day delivery or potentially same day delivery in the event of an emergency need

Providing a Customized Solution to Address Your Inventory Needs

At Ace Packaging Solutions, we’re committed to delivering the right services for the specific needs of your business. Our custom inventory plans allow your company to ensure your inventory needs will be met. These customized solutions are an important way that we can help your business grow and thrive.

We utilize our exclusive Collaborative Success Approach™ when designing your custom inventory program. As part of this approach, we work closely with your team to truly understand the challenges you’re experiencing – whether it’s space, lead times, seasonal usage spikes, or any other pain point that may be negatively impacting your inventory solutions.

When creating your program, we consider a variety of factors, including:

  • Order and dollar volume of the particular item we are stocking for you
  • How quickly you’ll use the product (inventory turns)
  • Profit margins – we want to ensure it makes sense for your business to utilize a custom inventory program
  • Warehouse space required to facilitate the inventory program

This holistic and collaborative process allows us to ensure your custom program eliminates any packaging material inventory headaches you currently experience and sets your business up for ongoing success.

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