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Custom Packaging an Essential Component for Success

With the rise in eCommerce in recent years, packaging boxes are an essential component of just about every retail business. Currently, eCommerce makes up 22% of global retail sales, and this figure is expected to continue rising year after year. In addition, 75% of people shop online at least once a month. These trends make custom box packaging a critical way to build your brand and make a great impression with your customers.

At Ace Packaging Solutions, we provide a wide range of custom box packaging products to address just about any need you may have. We collaborate with your team to clearly understand your business, and this allows us to recommend the specific products necessary to elevate your business.

What Is Custom Box Packaging?

Custom box packaging is tailored to meet your specific needs. It provides you with retail packaging and shipping packaging boxes with customized designs, shapes, dimensions and printing. These boxes will help protect your products, establish brand recognition and provide a better experience for your customers.

With custom box packaging, you have the ability to select specific materials, colors and box styles. In most instances, these decisions will be dictated by the products you are shipping.

Why Do I Need Custom Packaging Boxes?

Custom packaging boxes provide a better solution for just about any business shipping their retail products directly to consumers. In general, you should consider custom packaging boxes if you need to achieve any of the following goals:

  • Extra product protection to reduce risk of damage
  • Need box packaging with a tighter fit
  • Superior aesthetics on your packaging
  • Convey your branding
  • Creative solutions for shipping an unusual product that can’t use standard packaging
  • Make your business stand out better
  • Unique packaging solutions are required
  • Save money on labor, packaging and shipping costs
  • Unique printing needs are required
  • Designs for packaging automation are required

Custom box packaging also provides you with much greater flexibility. You can get boxes that:

  • Are lined with die-cut foam inserts
  • Contain custom printing elements
  • Use different styles (RSC, HSC, die-cut, bliss, wrap-around)
  • Are set up for specific automation machinery

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Benefits of Custom Box Packaging

Custom box packaging offers a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Brand enhancement
  • Reduced damage
  • Lower shipping costs
  • Increased efficiency

Brand Enhancement


It’s critical that your packaging effectively conveys your brand. Consumers go through a process called sensation transference which results in their perception of your packaging getting transferred to your product. If your packaging looks boring or subpar, it will reflect poorly on your overall brand and the perception of the product shipped in that box.

Your packaging is one of the most important ways you can convey your brand to your customers. Custom packaging boxes provide a more effective way to demonstrate your company’s brand and create a more memorable experience for your customers.

This brand enhancement can be as simple as including your logo or tag line on the box, creating excitement in your customers when the box is received. But it can also extend much deeper than this by using a box that matches your brand colors, or by providing a custom box that reflects the high quality you want associated with your products.

Reduced Damage


Stock boxes come in standard, pre-determined sizes which provide minimal protection for the contents. It’s rare for products to fit snugly in a stock box. As a result, a significant amount of padding and additional protection is required to avoid damage in transit.

Custom box packaging allows you to select a box with dimensions catered to the specific products you’re shipping. This greater accuracy in sizing eliminates the need for additional protective padding and prevents your product from becoming damaged due to sliding around inside the box during transit.

Lower Shipping Costs


Custom packaging boxes save you money on shipping costs in a variety of ways:

  • Less money spent on filling materials
  • Reduced costs associated with damaged products
  • Reduced postage from using a box with smaller dimensions (larger stock boxes will cost more to ship due to their size than a smaller custom box)

You can take some of the money you save and invest it in custom tissue paper that creates a more memorable unboxing experience that further enhances your brand. This expenditure is much less than the amount you save in shipping costs, and it will pay huge dividends by improving brand loyalty.

Increased Efficiency


Stock boxes take longer to pack due to the time associated with making sure the contents are adequately protected. When filler material must be added to the inside of the box, it slows down your packing process considerably, reducing the amount of orders you can fill each day.

Custom packaging improves your team’s efficiency by eliminating this stage in the process. Packing boxes faster means orders are filled and shipped faster. This not only increases your capacity, but creates a better customer experience by reducing expected delivery timelines.

Important Considerations When Choosing a Custom Box Packaging Provider

When evaluating custom packaging companies, it’s important to choose a provider that offers:

  • Creative solutions – When standard boxes don’t meet your needs, a creative and flexible solution is often required. It’s important to work with a company that has the ability to get creative when seeking the best packaging solutions for your business.
  • Collaborative discussions – Due to the customized nature of these solutions, it’s challenging to order them from an online menu. To ensure you receive packaging that meets your specific needs, you should always work with a provider that engages you in a collaborative process that allows them to understand your unique goals and concerns.
  • Reputable and dependable service – Your packaging must deliver the results you need, and you must be confident you’ll have it when you need it. Make sure to work with a provider that has a demonstrated track record of excellence and reliability.
  • Extensive industry experience – Custom box packaging solutions require extensive knowledge of the challenges created by products with unique sizes and shapes. Make sure your provider has the experience to help you navigate these challenges.
  • The ability to see your options prior to ordering – Never order custom packaging boxes without seeing them first. Choosing the right packaging requires visual confirmation that it will address your needs.

A Holistic, Collaborative Approach to Custom Box Packaging

At Ace Packaging Solutions, we’ve created a unique Collaborative Success Approach™ to ensure your specific needs are addressed at all times. We understand that creative solutions require a deep understanding of the challenges which need to be solved, and that understanding only occurs through extensive collaboration. When planning your custom solutions, we’ll engage your team in a collaborative process that allows us to recommend holistic and flexible solutions which are tailored to your specific needs, budget, flexibility and limitations.

Customizations Over Time

This collaboration doesn’t end when we provide you with your custom packaging boxes. We continue to engage with your team on an ongoing basis to ensure your solutions are not only delivering your desired results now, but into the future as your product offerings and packaging needs evolve. This allows us to make any necessary adjustments to your customizations over time.

Ace Packaging Solutions is also committed to providing eco-friendly packaging solutions. Our team regularly evaluates the latest and most advanced packaging materials to ensure we are bringing the most environmentally sustainable solutions to our clients.

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