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Ace Packaging Solutions: Partnering with Orion Packaging Systems for Quality and Innovation

As a packaging distributor, Ace Packaging Solutions has always strived to provide our clients with the best solutions available in the industry. When it comes to stretch wrapping machinery, one name has consistently stood out for us – Orion Packaging Systems, and American based company. Officed out of Minnesota, Orion is a company that takes pride in the quality and innovation of their products. Today, we’d like to share why Ace Packaging Solutions chooses Orion as our trusted partner and how they set themselves apart in the stretch wrapping machinery business.

Orion is a manufacturer that specializes in stretch wrapping and pallet unitizing machinery in Alexandria Minnesota. Their product range spans from semi-automatic options to sophisticated, fully automatic pallet wrapping systems, offering a diverse set of choices to cater varying packaging needs. While they are primarily domestic-focused, Orion also conducts business in Mexico and South America, although they do not typically ship overseas.

Orion’s reputation in the industry is underpinned by two key factors that set them apart from their competitors: product quality and lead-time. It’s not often that you find good quality machinery with a short lead-time, but Orion defies this norm. Their machines are renowned for their exceptional build quality, with some units still going strong after 25-30 years in operation. This reliability ensures that our clients get durable and dependable solutions for their packaging needs.

The packaging industry, much like any other, has evolved significantly over the past 20 years. Orion recognizes this and has been proactive in embracing advancements. While the core function of their machines remains consistent, they have integrated sensors and innovations to simplify the wrapping process. Orion isn’t shy about making updates to push the envelope, and this commitment to staying at the forefront of technology benefits our clients.

One of the most exciting aspects of working with Orion is their continuous pursuit of innovation. They are all set to launch a fully automatic modular system that promises to revolutionize the way machines are set up in the field. This innovation takes the form of a pop-up system, almost like a transformer, a feature that no one else in the market offers. It unfolds and directs itself, reducing assembly time significantly. Orion’s ability to provide such unique solutions cements their place as a leader in the industry.

Orion Packaging Systems operates as a subsidiary of ProMach, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of packaging machinery. ProMach, headquartered near Cincinnati, Ohio, is a global leader with expertise spanning various production line segments. Their extensive portfolio covers filling, bottling, labeling, robotics, and systems integration. This affiliation empowers Orion to leverage the resources and innovation of a global giant, reinforcing their position as leaders in stretch wrapping and pallet unitizing machinery. This partnership enhances the reliability and cutting-edge solutions that Ace Packaging Solutions delivers to our clients.

This collaboration with Orion ensures that Ace Packaging Solutions can provide our clients with a diverse array of high-quality and innovative packaging solutions. Our partnership is built on shared values of reliability, efficiency, and staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the packaging industry. Ace Packaging Solutions is proud to work alongside Orion, a company that not only meets but exceeds the evolving needs of the market, contributing to our collective success in delivering top-notch packaging products.

Ace Packaging Solutions is proud to work with Orion because we believe in the value they bring to our customers. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and efficient lead-times aligns perfectly with our mission to deliver top-notch packaging solutions. Orion is a company that understands the needs of the packaging industry and continues to set the bar high for quality and ingenuity. We look forward to the new horizons of packaging technology that Orion is sure to explore in the coming years, and we are excited to be a part of this journey.


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